Ms Stewart
Federation Headteacher

Mr Walton
Head of School
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Johnstone
Head of Year 3

Mr Collins
Head of Year 4

Mrs Lloyd
Head of Year 5

Miss Taylor
Head of Year 6

Mr Haddock
Assistant Headteacher

Teaching Team

Year Room Teacher TAs
3 Rowan Mrs Johnstone  (Head of Year, Maths Leader) Ms Beaumont  
Ms Harrison
Ms Slimon      

Elm Miss Philo (Science Leader)
Birch Miss Coombe (Art/DT Subject Leader)
4 Larch Mr Collins (Head of Year, Phonics Subject Leader) Ms Atwell
Ms Wardle
Cedar Mrs Porrell (Geography/History Subject Leader)
Ash Ms Perry (Library)
5 Alder Mrs Lloyd (Head of Year, PE Leader) Ms Scott
Ms Osborne-Walker
Sycamore Mrs Stevens (PSHE Subject Leader)
Beech Miss Smith (Behaviour Leader)
Acacia Mrs Tardif (RE Subject Leader)
6 Oak Miss Taylor (Head of Year, MFL Subject Leader) Ms Slater
Poplar Miss Markides (Music Subject Leader / School Council)
Maple Mr Burke (Computing Subject Leader)

Other Teachers

Mrs Barnes Mrs Barnes (English Subject Leader)
SEN Assistant Ms Cheung

Office Staff

Headteacher’s PA Mrs Funnell
Admin Assistant Mrs Reed
Attendance Officer Mrs Parsons

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Harrington Mrs Richardson
Mrs Capehorn Mrs Wiltshire


Site Manager Ms O'Flaherty

Kitchen Staff

Cook Supervisor TBC
Kitchen Assistants TBC
Mrs Dennes
Mrs Gasparetto