Year 3

Date Task Resources
19/01/2018Year 3 Home Learning 19.01.18
For this week's home learning, we would like you to design your own chocolate factory.
12/01/2018Year 3 Home Learning 12.01.18
Year 3 Home Learning Date set:    Friday 12th January 2018 Due in:      Wednesday 17th January 2018 For this week’s home learning, we would like you to choose at least 10 words from the Year 3 and 4 word list or the common exception words to put into sentences. Make your sentences as interesting as possible. Challenge: Link your sentences to tell a story.
04/01/2018Year 3 Home Learning 05.01.18
This term, we will be learning about healthy eating and the importance of having a balanced diet. We will study the different food groups and begin to identify their different roles in our bodies. For your homework, we would like you to record any food or drink that you consume on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Please record this using the template we have provided. This information will be used in our second Science lesson so please make sure your handwriting is clear.
14/12/2017Year 3 Home Learning Friday 15th December 2017
Year 3 Home Learning Date set: Friday 15th December 2017 Due in: Wednesday 20th December 2017   For home learning this week, we would like you to design a winter jumper. You can use the template provided or create your own. If you bring your design in early, it will be displayed in the classroom. We will share these with the class on Wednesday and give verbal feedback.
07/12/2017Year 3 Home Learning 08.12.17
  For this week’s home learning, we would like you to think of a person that you have a friendship with who might be feeling lonely or sad this holiday season. This could be a family member, a friend or a neighbour who you know well. Next week in English, we will be writing a letter to the person you have chosen to try and cheer them up and show that you are thinking of them.   For the second part of your home learning, we would like you to think of some ways that you could show kindness at this time of year. Why not put your ideas in practice and carry out your acts of kindness? Some examples, to get you started you could deliver some flowers, make a cake for someone or make a nice card for them. Please record your ideas in your home learning books.
30/11/2017Year 3 Home Learning 01.12.17
It is getting closer to our Carol Concerts which are on Monday 11th December (Y5 & 6) and Tuesday 12th December (Y3/4). For your home learning this week, we would like you to learn your class song words and the whole school song words. Please also read through the congregation songs at home so you recognise the words.
23/11/2017Year 3 Home Learning 24.11.17
Our Christmas Carol Concert will be held on 12th December. To encourage the children to prepare for these, we would like them to do some research into how their country celebrates Christmas. Please use a range of sources to find your information for this project. Year 3 countries:
  • Birch: Wales
  • Elm: USA
  • Rowan: Italy
17/11/2017Home Learning 17.11.17
For this week’s home learning, we would like you to complete a character profile for Stig. You can draw a picture of him and then write a brief description of where he lives, his appearance and his personality. There is an attached sheet to help you if you wish to use it. However, you can present your work in any way that you would like to.
10/11/2017Home Learning 10.11.17
As next week is anti-bullying week, we would like you to create a piece of work on the theme of anti-bullying. This could be a poster, a presentation, a poem, a song or rap or a piece of artwork such as a collage or painting. You could even get together with your friends and create a role play. Be as creative as you can!
02/11/2017Home Learning 03.11.17
This term, we will be learning about magnets and springs in science. We would like you to choose one of these activities for home learning:
  • Go on a ‘magnet and spring hunt’. Search for examples of magnets or magnetic items and springs around your house or outside and make a list of what you find. You could also draw or take a photo of each item and/or write a description of where you found it and what it is used for.
  • Research a way that magnets or springs are used. E.g. compasses, MRI scanners, vehicles, playground rides, clocks. Find out as much information as you can and present your findings as an information page in your book or a PowerPoint presentation.