Year 3 Home Learning 15.06.18

Year 3 Home Learning

Date set:    Friday 15th June 2018

Due in:      Wednesday 20th June 2018


For this week’s home learning, we would like you to design your own spacesuit. Think about the essential features that the astronaut will need to survive in space. Label your spacesuit and explain why you have included each feature.

Year 3 Home Learning 08.06.18

Year 3 Home Learning

Date set:              Friday 8th June 2018

Due in:                 Wednesday 13th June 2018


For this week’s home learning, we would like you to create an information text, such as a fact file or a leaflet, to tell the Year 2 children all about Stafford Junior School. We will share these on Thursday morning when they will be coming to join us as part of ‘Step up to Stafford’. Please make it bright and colourful and include examples of things you have enjoyed this year.

Year 3 Home Learning 04.05.18

With the World Cup taking place this year, Panini and the English Schools FA have created some exciting competitions with fabulous prizes, which include vouchers of up to £50 and football shirts!


There are 3 competitions:

  • Design a cover for the FIFA World Cup sticker album (1 side of A4);
  • Write a short biography about a player who has played in a FIFA World Cup (200 words);
  • Write and record a song to support England in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Year 3 Home Learning 27.04.18

Over the last two weeks, we have been learning the importance of using tone in our drawings to make them look realistic. You have experimented with the different tones that can be made using an HB pencil.

For this week’s home learning, we would like you to use a pencil to sketch the apple and try to apply tone to your drawing. You should take your time on this to ensure it is your best work. If you would like to draw something else afterwards, please feel free.

Year 3 Home Learning 12.01.18

Year 3 Home Learning

Date set:    Friday 12th January 2018

Due in:      Wednesday 17th January 2018

For this week’s home learning, we would like you to choose at least 10 words from the Year 3 and 4 word list or the common exception words to put into sentences. Make your sentences as interesting as possible.

Challenge: Link your sentences to tell a story.

Year 3 Home Learning 05.01.18

This term, we will be learning about healthy eating and the importance of having a balanced diet. We will study the different food groups and begin to identify their different roles in our bodies.

For your homework, we would like you to record any food or drink that you consume on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Please record this using the template we have provided. This information will be used in our second Science lesson so please make sure your handwriting is clear.

Year 3 Home Learning Friday 15th December 2017

Year 3 Home Learning

Date set: Friday 15th December 2017

Due in: Wednesday 20th December 2017


For home learning this week, we would like you to design a winter jumper. You can use the template provided or create your own. If you bring your design in early, it will be displayed in the classroom. We will share these with the class on Wednesday and give verbal feedback.