16. Local Authority Offer

In East Sussex the vision for children and young people with special needs and/or disabilities is the same as for all children and young people – that they:

  • achieve well in their early years, at school and in college;
  • are well cared for, have their health needs met, lead happy and fulfilled lives;
  • have choice and control over the key decisions that affect them.

East Sussex are working with families to develop their strategies and plans.

Here is the link to the Local Authority’s Local Offer for SEND.


13. How are parents and carers involved in the school? How can I be involved?

We are keen to involve parents and carers in all aspect of school life. Opportunities include:

  • Provision maps discussed with parents and carers, highlighting the role they can play.
  • Newsletters and school website including details of home learning.
  • Informal and formal meetings.
  • Volunteering in school.
  • Becoming a parent Governor.
  • Joining our PTFA/PFA.
  • Parent Partners in each class at Roselands
  • A Federation Parent Forum

10. How will the school prepare and support my child to join the school, or transfer to a new school or college?

  • Effective transition arrangements with previous schools and nurseries.
  • All records and information about your child are discussed and passed on between schools.
  • Extra pre-joining visits for children as appropriate.
  • Continuation of involvement of outside services, if appropriate.
  • Home visits to new children’s parents and carers if appropriate.
  • Meeting with parents and carers.
  • Effective transition arrangements with secondary schools.

9. How accessible is the school environment?

  • The ground floor is fully wheel chair accessible at both schools
  • Both schools have an accessible toilet.
  • Both schools have showering and washing facilities.
  • At Stafford there is a lift to the first floor.
  • At Stafford there are ramps into the mobile classroom.
  • At Stafford there is an EVAC chair, which staff have been trained to use.

8. How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom, including school trips?

We are committed to supporting children to access all activities outside the classroom, including trips wherever possible. Parents and carers will always be included in the discussions around activities if we have any concerns. Risk assessments are carried out and medical advice is always taken into account when planning to include children with any additional needs.

7. What training do the staff have, or are having?

There is ongoing training for staff to increase or refresh skills. This is done both internally and through external agencies. The types of training staff receive include:

  • Safeguarding
  • Basic first aid
  • Quality First Teaching
  • Approaches to teaching reading
  • Provision Map writing
  • SEND
  • Positive Handling (behaviour management)
  • Thrive

A number of teaching assistants have individual training for a child’s specific needs, such as:

  • physiotherapy to manage a particular set of exercises
  • a personalised occupational therapy plan
  • a specific speech and language programmes.