Pupil Premium

What is the Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is grant funding and is in addition to the school’s Delegated Budget.  It is allocated to children from low – income families that are known to be eligible for free school meals (FSM) or who have been eligible for FSM in the past 6 years (‘Ever 6 FMS’), as deprivation at earlier stages of education is perceived to impact upon learning and prior attainment, regardless of the current parental income situation. The allocation was £900 in 2013-2014 and increased to £1,300 for the academic year 2014-2015. It is now £1,320 for this academic year 2015-16.

Children who have been looked after (LAC) for 1 day or more are also eligible. “In East Sussex Headteachers have agreed for the Pupil Premium for Looked After Children to be managed by the Virtual Headteacher (£1,900) to ensure the money is spent smartly and in a co-ordinated way, with carers being consulted and closely involved”.  The funding for pupils who are adopted or under a Special Guardianship or Residence Order is £1,900 for the academic year 2015-2016.

A premium is also paid for children of service personnel.  This was £300 in the academic year 2013-2014 and £300 in the academic year 2014-2015.  It remains at £300 for the academic year 2015-2016.

Pupil Premium Funding is used to increase pupil progress, to raise achievement, attainment and success levels.

Pupil Premium Allocation

Number of pupils on role 405
Number of pupils on role eligible for funding 93
Amount received per pupil £1320
Total Pupil Premium grant received £121319

Objectives linked to the School Development Plan

  1. To raise the achievement of all pupils so that all pupils make at least expected progress and an increased proportion make accelerated progress.
  2. To improve the quality of teaching so that at least 100% of teaching is good and 30% is outstanding.
  3. Leaders at all levels have a clear understanding of how the school is doing and the priorities for improvement in order to effectively drive whole school improvement.
  4. All pupils feel safe enough to take risks and to challenge themselves. They enjoy their learning and are keen to succeed (Resourceful, reciprocal, resilient, reflective, risk taking) in order that they make the best possible progress.

Record of Spending for 2015/16

Approach and Average Impact based on EEF Toolkit Resource Cost Aims/Intended Outcomes
Behaviour Interventions

+4 Months

Behaviour Support  £4,551
  • to impact on focus interventions e.g. specific special educational needs, regular attendance.
ESBAS  £3,640
Heron park – Parent Advisor  £6,840
  • to target families identified that would benefit from support. This highly personal intervention supports each family’s individual needs.
  • to provide high quality support, advice and information to parents to support them overcome challenges.
SLES  £900
  • to provide high quality support, advice and information to staff
FFT Live  £191
  • to allow for accurate data analysis and target setting for all pupils
Educational Psychologist  £288
  • to impact on focus interventions e.g. specific special educational needs, regular attendance.
Digital Technology
+4 MonthsHomework
+2 Months
Speechlinks  £85
  • to provide resources to support Maths and English teaching
  • to provide a structured approach to the teaching and learning of spelling
  • to provide an online homework system for Mathematics
Grammar & Spelling Bug  £255
Rising Stars Spelling Tests  £922
My Maths  £265

+ 8 Months

Use of cover supervisor to release teachers for focussed feedback with learners.
2 hours per day
  • To enable teachers time to provide focussed feedback to targetted learners (30 mins per week)

+2 Months

Hub Club – 3 members of staff for 3hours per week £ 2,574
  • To increase participation in extra-curricular activities
  • To provide support for homework tasks
  • To provide access to ICT equipment to support learners
Mastery Learning

+5 Months

Bishop Bell (Y6 Maths) £5700
  • To provide a Mastery curriculum
  • To reduce class size during one session per week
Ratton (Y5 English and Maths) £5360
Sally Barnes (Y3 and Y4 English) £2732
Oral language Interventions

+5 Months

Ethnic Minority and Bi-Lingual Support £6942
  • To enable all pupils to access the curriculum
Outdoor Adventure Learning

+3 Months

Schools Without Walls –SoSussex  £3,970
  • to support the taking part in extracurricular activities e.g. school trips.
  • to extend pupils experiences by ensuring they can access everything on offer.
Residential contribution £100  £1,900
School Trips  £4,550
Clubs  £1,122

+4 Months

Phonics Play £100
  • to provide resources to support Phonics teaching
School Uniform

+0 Months

Jumper, Tie and PE T-shirt for all pupils eligible for FSM (£20 per pupil) £2000
  • to provide support with the buying of school uniform to help relieve any financial challenges.
Small Group Tuition

+4 Months

Sally Barnes £19123
  • to reduce class size
  • to enable all pupils to access the curriculum and achieve to their full potential
Teaching Assistants

+1 Month

A Teaching Assistant for one and a half hours per day for every class £30798
  • to support disadvantaged pupils to access the curriculum and achieve to their full potential
Contingency £13413

Impact of the Pupil Premium Grant

Reading, Writing and Maths Combined

reading writing maths combined