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Term 4 Explorers

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Dear Parents/ Carers,

Next term, we will be looking at Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the South Pole in our topic Explorers. All pupils will be partaking in this topic, enjoying shared Reading and English lessons based around the same text.

As part of this, we would love to invite you to collect an ‘Explorers Pack’ from school on Friday.

Packs will be available for collection at the school gates between 10am and 11am and again between 3:15pm and 4pm.

Children in bubbles at school will receive theirs to take home tomorrow. In this pack will be resources for your children to use, to have a go at the half
term Taskmaster activities. These will lead into the start of this new and exciting topic.

We really hope that these will be fun to complete and will get your children super excited about their return after half term.

Using this approach will allow children to support each other more with their schoolwork and therefore be more independent.

We really look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Mrs Adam and Mrs Bradley

Task 1: Design a backpack that will be able to carry all your equipment to the South Pole. It will need to be very strong so consider the material you would like it made out of.

Task 2: Keep a cup of water insulated for as long as possible. Use equipment from your explorers pack to keep the water warm for as long as possible.
Consider how the information you learn (as to which material is best) will help you on your expedition.

Task 3: Build the strongest bridge that you can. You can use resources from the pack and anything else that you think might be helpful. The bridge must be able to cover a 20cm gap. You will need to test its strength by adding weight to the bridge.

Task 4: Design a boat. The boat will need to be able to float on water and must be strong enough to move through ice. You can use resources from the pack and anything else that you think might be helpful.

Task 5: Ice hand. Fill your glove with water, seal the end and freeze it in a freezer. When it is frozen you have got to think of ways to thaw out the hand as quickly as possible. Please record the time it took. This will help you if you get frostbite on the expedition! Please keep proof of your tasks. You can record your results and findings in any way that you wish.

Please upload this to your class stream on the Monday that we return to school.

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Celebration of Remote Learning

Year 5

The children in Y5 have been learning all about Fairgrounds. They have designed and made their own fairground ride. The Y5 team have been so impressed with all their hard work!

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